The Cure for Altitude Sickness

Wondering what’s going on with your body?


If you’re feeling like you’re coming down with a cold or flu or feel faint or just very dehydrated and you just happen to be in a much higher altitude, you are probably experiencing altitude sickness. This occurs when you can’t get enough oxygen from the air. It is very common if you’ve changed altitudes quickly. It is not a good feeling, but don’t panic. There is an altitude sickness remedy.  

Ways to Avoid Altitude Sickness

If you have the option to move to a lower altitude, do so. Drink plenty of water and rest. Adjusting to a higher altitude takes time. Allow your body time to adjust before you begin rigorous activities and don’t overindulge in alcohol. Higher altitude may feel the same and everyone’s body reacts differently. It’s better to not overdo it and not risk the chance of your body experiencing altitude sickness.  


IV Therapy Remedy

If you can’t avoid altitude sickness, there is an IV treatment center near you. At our IV treatment center we use IV fluids to aid you in getting back to peak performance for your body. Our solution is the best altitude sickness remedy and will give you quick recovery from the altitude.  Your muscles will be oxygenated to fight fatigue. The oxygen will allow you to conquer the trouble you are experiencing and feel like yourself again.


It’s a new day! With IV treatment, you no longer have to suffer altitude sickness. At Vida-Flo, we quickly help with your athletic recovery, fatigue, headaches, or any other symptoms you may be experiencing because of your altitude sickness. We all want to be at the peak of our game, so don’t allow altitude sickness to get you down. Contact Vida-Flo and ask for the IV hydration therapy and get ready to experience the incredible benefits of IV therapy today.

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